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Named for the dish from which it is traditionally served, this take on Moroccan stew incorporates seasoned beef tips, butternut sq
A fresh lime vinaigrette completes this salad of marinated flank steak and housemade pico de gallo.
Housemade seasoned brisket and pico de gallo combine for great Tex-Mex flavor.
This olive dip pairs nicely with fresh vegetables.
Banana, granola and hazelnut spread combine for a portable healthy breakfast or snack item.
With high-protein granola, this parfait recipe is an ideal breakfast or snack offering.
Chock-full of nutritious nuts, seeds and fruit, this trail mix is easy to prepare and serve and, when portioned out, makes a great
Ideal for catered events, shredded coconut and tempura batter give shrimp a sweet and crunchy texture.
These sweet potato chips are a healthier—and more colorful—alternative to traditional potato chips or french fries.


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