The Zoni Beach
The juice bar competes with the cocktail bar at this cantina, which offers island-inspired food and beverages. This recipe is a specialty of Johnny Mango’s juice bar, where the juice from fresh whole fruits and vegetables is extracted and served as is or blended with other wholesome ingredients...
barley wild rice pilaf pomegranate
Barley adds variety to this wild rice pilaf while pomegranate seeds and a cruch and pop of flavor.
wakemed smoothie
Even finicky eaters won't mind the yogurt in this fresh fruit smoothie...
wheat berry salad red fruit
This chilled fruit and wheat berry salad is sure to be a standout at any potluck or barbecue.
Bring the flavors of New Orleans into your kitchen with this slimmed-down jambalaya recipe.
Kale and ginger are powerhouse superfoods, but aren't the most pleasing for younger palates. With the addition of bananas and blueberries, this smoothie can please consumers of all ages...
Making masala doesn't have to be hard. This recipe uses a handful of ingredients and spices to make a flavorful side dish...
rice pudding spoon
Brian Seto of Legacy Health created a gluten-free, vegan rice pudding.
Sharky’s Kids Power Plate
Sharky’s, a regional California chain, makes it appealing for children to try fish by menuing it as a mesquite-grilled salmon “finger” and plating it in a grownup presentation.
Carrabba’s Italian Grill Kids LiveWell Spaghetti
This healthful version of spaghetti with tomato sauce starts with whole-grain pasta and scratchmade sauce, then fresh spinach leaves are stirred in for an extra nutritional punch.