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Vegetarians and meat-lovers alike will appreciate this hearty interpretation of a Middle Eastern signature for a snack or appetize
These rich and spicy croquettes are topped with a quail egg, turning them into a dish that could be just as much at home on a brun
Grilled, skewered foods are a popular street food snack in Asian countries, where they are often known as satés.
French fries make a tempting bar bite or mid-afternoon snack, especially when they’re cooked from scratch.
At The Breadfruit, a Jamaican restaurant, Chef Allen incorporates island ingredients such as mango, red snapper and Calypso sauce
Racks of lamb are on the pricey side, but when they are divided into petite chops and served as an inventive small plate, they can
Chefs are personalizing deviled eggs with fresh touches to attract new customers to this old favorite.
These ravioli do not have a speck of pasta in the recipe.
Students at the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, in Houston, have been enjoying the same chocolate chip cookie recip


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