The meals aim to improve health and nutrition among hospital staff, patients and guests.
Menu items from the Blaze Pizza chain will now be served in select Sodexo venues.
sake cups
A friend of the restaurant opened a coffee shop and wanted to serve more interesting food, so our pastry chef has partnered with the shop for menu development.
man working food
The old adage says to choose your friends wisely. The same wisdom is needed when choosing a new vendor. Operators share the top three qualities they look for.
sushi plate
Sparrow Hospital wanted to add sushi, but that’s not really its director's expertise. So she found a local company that offered to put three sushi chefs on-site...
coffee barista
How do you keep customers buying coffee on-site rather than drifting out the door to that big-name coffee chain down the street? Here are some best practices.
rooster illustration
Through culinary arts programs, students learn the basics of agriculture, practice pivoting a menu based on seasonality, and compost as they cook.
To spice up events on campus, Northwestern Dining is looking to commercial ops.
The collaboration aims to provide healthful, exciting food options for Google employees.
The vendor is partnering with celebrity chef Robert Irvine as part of a nutrition initiative.