new concepts

The district will offer free dinner to after-school activity participants at 35 schools.
Administrative staff created sandwiches to be added to the menu for a limited time.
regions hospital exterior
One of Regions Hospital's new concepts, YumMarket, is a play off our YumPower brand that we have out in the community. YumPower is used in K-12 schools and ballparks...
If response is positive, the pub could become a permanent addition.
Students place unopened food in a centralized cooler to be eaten by peers or donated to the local library.
The stations aim to draw more students to the dining hall.
Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt will fulfill student orders via drone by appointment.
Bistro 464 seeks to suit more adventurous tastes.
Officials hope the deli will encourage students to eat on school grounds.
Meals will be prepped using the same menu offered to students.