new concepts

The school’s dining services taught students how to make at least two vegan treats.
locally sourced
For FoodService Director’s 30th birthday, C&U frontrunners take a stroll down memory lane—and reveal what they believe the future holds.
Thai beef salad
Chefs share which restaurant trends they are paying the most attention to.
A new wave of K-12 programs are making sure kids don't go home hungry...
food snap
One operation started a 50-member vegan team in response to students expressing the need for more vegan options.
hat and coat
University of Michigan Dining has a cool tactic.
FSD's publisher discusses changes in the industry and within the magazine...
carrot ginger
See what a school's mostly vegan cafe is serving up to students. ...
boar burger
Restaurant customers selected these five blended burgers as the most appealing.
new year party
These inspiring tidbits and trends started off 2018.


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