menu development

There has also been an increase in vegan desserts.
The Curbside Café also serves breakfast.
A taste test raises the possibility of drinks they might otherwise find at a Starbucks.
Here are three currents that could splash into college foodservice and other noncommercial sectors.
A new list ranks C&U foodservices’ top rivals for late-night orders.
achiote grilled fish
While only 6 percent of seafood entrees populate fast-casual menus this year, consumers are craving more seafood and healthier options.
Sunrise Senior is the first in that segment to participate as a national partner.
Officials say the machines are an alternative to offer such options as salads, yogurts and sandwiches outside of cafeteria hours.
Pittsburg Unified School District’s Matt Belasco recently received an award for creating “California Thursdays,” in which districts use their joint purchasing power to buy healthy, regionally grown...
shrimp etouffe
This recipe was inspired by Chef Krupp’s time spent honing her skills in New Orleans. While a classic etouffee is made with crawfish, this version uses shrimp.