menu development

Pork Pot Stickers with Red Pepper Jam & Pickled Mango Slaw
The Chinese dumplings known as pot stickers no longer are limited to Asian menus. Frozen pot stickers are readily available and can be customized with a chef’s signature touches. At Red Star Craft House, housemade pickled mango slaw and red pepper jam add textural interest and trendy flavors.
More than 500 students have signed a petition urging the school to use a higher standard of dining for its kosher cafeteria, arguing the college’s current methods of food preparation don’t meet...
The University of Buffalo’s Campus Dining & Shops launched the multimillion-dollar initiative this summer, which included renovations, improved menus and expanded eateries on campus.
Housemade Seed Crackers with Spicy Grapes, Mascarpone and Honey
These crisp carriers often incorporate whole-grain flours, nuts and seeds to further differentiate them from ordinary toasts or commercial crackers. Juicy red grapes and creamy mascarpone add contrasting texture in this recipe.
The foodservice contractor is featuring customized celebrity-chef dishes and giving traditional stadium foods a health tweak.
Rouler, a mobile kitchen, is only accepting meal credits and will specialize in New Orleans food.
Cauliflower Steak with Almond, Raisins and Capers
Small plates are the format at Chef Bernstein’s new restaurant, CENA, with a special focus on vegetable-centric preparations. One of the most popular items is a grilled cauliflower “steak” served with pickled garlic aioli, almonds, golden raisins and capers.
Farm Fresh’s new program “Harvest of the month” is set to get more locally-grown vegetables into Rhode Island schools, as well as show students where their food comes from.
Over the summer, foodservice provider Sodexo announced new late-night dining options and adjusted service hours at the request of University of North Alabama students.
A new study from the University of Vermont found that healthier school-nutrition standards are leading to more waste and reduced consumption of fruit and vegetables.