menu development

A group of vegetarian and vegan students at Loyola Marymount University are petitioning Sodexo to install a new food station on campus.
The initiative allows students to sample new dishes and vote on whether they should be added to the breakfast and lunch menus.
salad as a rock
[To promote healthier eating], Aultman Hospital invites guests to guess the weight of their salad. Guess within a certain range, and it’s free.
The Colby Café, created by the Colby Coffee Club, will be a student-run cafe that operates six hours per day, Thursday through Sunday nights.
District officials have asked for the feedback, but the students say they’ll boycott again if issues aren’t addressed.
The blenders, which are powered by pedaling, will be located in high school smoothie bars.
Launch Test Kitchen has a dynamic menu that’s determined by customer feedback.
The university estimates it will buy 180,000 pounds per year.
Fresh Bites offers bite-sized meals that can be eaten without utensils.
The goal is not only to introduce students to healthy foods but also to save money, officials say.