menu development

Foodservice pros say they can offer more customization by providing additional condiment choices. New research shows which options are most likely to be embraced by customers.
Officials say it’s the first of its kind on a college campus.
udon noodle sirloin
A five-spice rub makes this sirloin fragrant and enticing. The tender steak is sliced and added to udon noodles and broth. The added greens complete this meal.
Proposed changes to the state's free school breakfast program could cut off nearly 16,000 students, according to an advocacy group...
Grilled Shrimp Avocado Arugula Guava Vinaigrette
Lime-marinated shrimp, grilled and served with a salad of avocado, arugula, haricot verts, and onion tossed with guava vinaigrette.
The food truck's menu will reflect what the chef wants to curate each day, officials say...
sunshine slaw
Sweet, crunchy slaw made with broccoli, celery, red onion, orange zest and orange juice make this an excellent side dish for summer.
The agency set a date and spelled out the once-vague guidelines.
Lemon Grass Beef Skewers Summer Roll Sampler
A little takeout sampler with tri-tip beef marinated in a lemongrass garlic mixture and grilled on skewers. Package with peanut sauce and a combination of shrimp, chicken and vegetable Vietnamese summer rolls in a takeout container.
The Chicago-based sports concessionaire will provide foodservices at Notre Dame Stadium, Compton Family Ice Arena and the Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center, among others.