menu development

pureed food
Home of the Good Shepherd has stepped up to the challenge of creating appetizing and visually appealing modified meal options through its puree program.
Yale University Dining is staying ahead of the curve by proving that sausage can in fact be made from vegetables, specifically root vegetables likes turnips.
Since California’s state motto is “Eureka!” it seems fitting that a recent conversation with the director of hospitality at San Diego’s Palomar Health led to the biggest aha moment I’ve had in a long...
Vegetables with labels such as “crispy” and “caramelized” were chosen more often than those with more basic descriptions.
sparkling water
About three in 10 consumers are increasingly drinking water at restaurants for health reasons, shows Technomic’s Beverage Consumer Trend Report.
With its bold fusion of Asian and Latin elements, Filipino cuisine is poised to become popular with American eaters looking for the next ethnic adventure.
Its decor includes custom-made murals and a retro fridge stocked with chocolate milk.