menu development

Mocktails are trending as beverage options, as consumers look for the same premium ingredients and fresh flavors in nonalcoholic drinks as they do in craft cocktails.
Jim Hoban, chef at Four Corners Tavern Group in Chicago, serves this soothing tea in late afternoon and early evening.
The recipe for shrubs—mixtures of fruit, sugar and vinegar—dates back to colonial times.
This kale drink is sweetened with fruit and honey and spiked with ginger.
Tempeh and falafel are being offered at eateries around campus. The new items were introduced in response to students’ requests for more vegetarian and vegan dishes.
We have been focusing on menus that allow our high school students to customize their lunch, so this is another menu option where they are able to do that.
college students eating
These 10 attributes are the most important to college students when choosing snacks, according to Technomic’s 2017 College and University Consumer Trend Report.
The new items include bean tamales, teriyaki patty sandwiches and “sausage” subs. The vegan menu will be served this fall, and students will be asked for their feedback.