To boost breakfast participation, students get discounted coffee when they also buy a breakfast item.
The school will begin offering past items favored by students as weekly specials.
empty drive thru window
The UVM Medical Center this fall opened a takeout window in its new Garden Atrium cafe, a part of the design scheme before the cafe even opened last year.
coal creek student salad bar
When an FSD visited Minneapolis Public Schools, she noticed big branded signs on top of the salad bars. When she got back to her district, she recreated them.
The school provides volunteers with free meal vouchers in exchange for honest reviews about their dining experiences.
business marketing concepts drawing
With more avenues to cover than ever and fewer resources to go around, operators offer their tips on making marketing work from start to finish.
The competition, sanctioned by the American Culinary Federation, also gives the school a platform to promote its dining services.
The sandwiches, created for a championship game, are topped with ingredients signature to the teams’ hometowns.
fsd marketing ideas
Consider some of these tactics implemented by operators across the country.
New features include an expanded menu, interactive cooking stations and alcohol at dinner.