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Mary Arlinda Hill continually aims to improve both Jackson Public Schools and her community.
CDC official says that school lunches that meet federal nutrition guidelines can reduce students’ sodium intake by 400 milligrams per day.
We educated students, parents and staff about local products and healthy eating. Vendors donated prizes to give to kids who filled out surveys for feedback on their products.
A mother urges the district to ban peanuts after her daughter had a severe allergic reaction at school. Currently, the district has peanut-free lunch tables and classrooms.
After outrage from its members, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics will end its partnership with Kraft, through which the academy’s ‘Kids Eat Right’ label appeared on the cheese product.
Chefs at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., faced off March 25 in the first Fruit & Vegetable Recipe Contest.
Chef Dan Barber spoke about using "the whole farm," including repurposing waste into main dishes, to “support the ecology."...
Students and staff at Whitworth University are planting fruit trees and vegetables on an acre of unused land that will be open for anyone on campus to use.
A growing body of medical experts and researchers are saying childhood nutrition affects adult income earning potential.
A Florida school district will use a retrofitted school bus to deliver meals to students while schools are closed.