health and wellness

A study out of San Diego shows students make healthier decisions at lunch when guided by emoticons and with a prize incentive.
One food services director says although she isn’t sure how many students are eating the vegetables, the most important thing is that they’re being exposed to them.
The Defense Department will strengthen its Healthy Children programs by adding fitness, nutrition and tobacco-free living into military children’s curriculum.
Anna Schroth, a parent who wanted to bring more awareness to nutrition, is doing that by serving smoothies at her child’s elementary school.
Stephen Ritz founded the nonprofit Green Bronx Machine with his students at New York City’s P.S. 55, which has installed more than 100 gardens at schools throughout the city.
The partnership with IlliniCare Health will bring a new fitness technology called GoNoodle to 65 elementary schools.
Hutt Hospital’s district health board recently implemented new guidelines, which they’ve failed to meet as reviews of the food available for purchase at the region’s hospitals are very poor.
Although Portland’s nutritional director supports Michelle Obama’s advocacy, some of the food under the new regulations do not work in school lunches.
Jamie Oliver is urging G20 governments to provide children with the life skills they will need to live healthier, more productive lives.
Texas’ Agriculture Commissioner wants to end a decade-old ban on deep fried food in Texas public schools.