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The Feed My School program serves as a learning tool, teaching food safety, pricing and packaging as well as helping grow the farm-to-school movement.
U.C. Berkeley’s six-year holistic nutrition plan includes a food pantry, emergency funds and loans, help creating a spending plan, tips on eating for $5 a day and a donation program for any student’s...
Some Georgia school districts plan to partner with community organizations to provide summer meals to students who rely on school lunch. Meals will be served via a “lunch bus” that stops at community...
With 85 percent of lunches rejected by students, Boulder Valley public schools are counting on food trucks to get them to eat healthier foods.
Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts wants to enact a new child nutrition law, giving schools more flexibility in meeting standards for school meals.
edward sirhal
Over the past 23 years, Edward Sirhal has aimed to help the foodservice management company where he began his career, elevate the perception of corporate dining, one client at a time.
nona golledge
Asked to name her greatest achievement, Nona Golledge singles out guiding Kansas University Dining through a university-mandated merger of the residential dining and retail-catering departments.
silver plate
From spearheading tough renovations to championing wellness programs that resonate, these non-commercial operators’ feats and passion make them best in class.
Plus see what trends rule menus and other highlights from our 2015 Hospital Census.
mary arlinda hill
For Mary Arlinda Hill, the drive to improve the well-being of her students, 90 percent of whom qualify for free or reduced-price meals, is personal.