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Consumers want foodservice operators to dig deeper on health, “natural” ingredients and local sourcing. Here’s how your streetside competition is responding.
Through a combination of healthy lunch menus and physical education, St. Tammany Parish Public School has the largest number of schools (25) meeting the HealthierUS School Challenge guidelines.
Following Sodexo’s departure, Chartwells will provide meals for the South Carolina school district, which said the new company offers a lot of marketing ideas to encourage healthy eating among...
A Denver elementary school received grant money to help remodel its cafeteria to include a recycling and composting station, and to provide enhanced nutrition education.
James Martin explains how The Village at St. Edward handles the challenges of accommodating residents with food allergies in a segment that already abounds in special dietary needs.
The study, which was conducted at two Title I elementary schools in Virginia, showed that the overhaul of the National School Lunch Program is working and that school children are actually eating the...
A group of three Litchfield Middle School students decided to find out just what their peers are looking for when the bell rings for lunch.
After being served breakfasts and lunches high in omega-3 fatty acids for eight weeks, students at one Michigan school are now calmer and more focused, according to a new study.
Milk consumption is falling in schools, according to a recent National Dairy Council report, and a new bill is designed to do something about it.
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Each summer we run a four-week program that focuses on adding a wider variety of fruits and vegetables to employees’ diets.


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