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Children with food allergies are faced with bullying in schools. However, many students don’t report it to anyone.
One senior living organization is rethinking dining operations, taking a restaurant-style approach while also promoting green causes and community interaction.
The government report found that one in five foodservice and hotel employees had used illicit substances in the prior month.
Although free lunches are available to all students in Wilkes County, more students are not taking advantage due to their dissatisfaction with food served under the new federal nutrition guidelines—...
A school in Pennsylvania will serve as a Smarter Lunchrooms pilot site—a low-cost research-based initiative from Cornell University encouraging students to eat healthier at school.
Tennessee has passed a bill opponents are calling ‘starve the children’, which allows school boards to opt out of the National Food Lunch Program without penalty from the state.
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Nurses are using the term “snack-u-check” to remind them to take a snack to patients when they do their blood sugar checks. ...
Patients at a new Georgia medical center campus are able to get fresh, cooked-to-order food with the tap of a finger on an iPad.
The pro-vegan Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is asking the public to pressure a pediatrics facility into dropping McDonald’s.
The schoolhouse is becoming the new cookhouse. In the U.S., 1 in 5 households with children are considered food insecure.