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The university estimates it will buy 180,000 pounds per year.
Although free breakfasts should take no more than 15 minutes, parents at PS 343, the Peck Slip School, say it takes as much as 30.
North Middle School students can choose from a variety of food, including fruit, vegetables, proteins and breakfast.
A taste test raises the possibility of drinks they might otherwise find at a Starbucks.
Abbott Northwestern Hospital will end its contract with the quick-service restaurant in May.
The Administration is counting on the four to help others who are struggling to meet federal nutrition standards.
A San Francisco voice on nutrition reform says opponents of the rules in their current state are clouding the issue with out-and-out “myths.”
Sunrise Senior is the first in that segment to participate as a national partner.
Pittsburg Unified School District’s Matt Belasco recently received an award for creating “California Thursdays,” in which districts use their joint purchasing power to buy healthy, regionally grown...
The Bay2Tray program also reduces landfill waste, according to Monterey Peninsula Unified School District.