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It is the second college eatery in the country to be certified gluten-free.
It emerged as a top food trend on Pinterest’s 2017 predictions, is “the latest miracle food” according to Epicurious, and was called “a nutritional bonanza” by NPR.
chicken tetrazzini bowl
The No Whey station in the main dining hall at Georgia Southern University offers students meals that are free of the eight most common allergens.
coal creek student salad bar
When Ann Cooper was visiting Minneapolis Public Schools, she saw that they have these cool signs on top of their salad bars. When she got back, she re-created them.
The bowl can be eaten by students following vegan and lactose-free diets.
Through the grant, the districts have hired a farm to school team, implemented a farm to school menu day and purchased fruit sectioners so students can slice their own fruit.
The market would include healthy food vendors as well as teaching kitchens and exercise classes.
As with the school’s garden, produce from the organic orchard will eventually be used for meals served in the cafeteria.
Sonny Perdue will oversee the programs that impact student feeding.
After fielding more student requests for increased vegetarian options, the university is replacing an on-campus bistro with a grill serving made-to-order plant-based dishes.