grab and go

New program has increased number of breakfasts served from 500 to 3,000 per week.
The truck, which will travel through the district four days a week, recently took a test run.
trail mix
Penn State University added fueling stations in its units for its workers who need a snack. Snacks include trail mix, crackers, cookies and water.
student eating illustration
Capitalizing on the popularity of breakfast, the nutrition department at a Colorado school district offers a tasty opportunity to late risers.
Officials say the trucks have helped alleviate long cafeteria lines.
lucretia chancler
Lucretia Chancler’s roots lie in Louisiana’s St. Landry Parish. In October 2009, Chancler returned to Louisiana to become St. Landry’s supervisor of child nutrition.
The community has installed an around-the-clock snack bar and uses tablets to solicit resident feedback.
The “Five and Go" program provides students with a produce-packed portable option...
coffee shop trailor graphic
The caffeine giant is bringing a mobile concept to Rutgers University.
chicago style hot dog
When meal plans end for summer, Cornell University's hot dog cart is open for the season. This eatery on wheels is open for lunch in the heart of campus...