food safety

James Martin explains how The Village at St. Edward handles the challenges of accommodating residents with food allergies in a segment that already abounds in special dietary needs.
Foodservice facilities will now have more information about the products they are buying, as well as cooking instructions to safely prepare them.
hot cold thermometer
We changed how we record temperatures of our hot and cold items by moving our logs to highly visible locations.
Officials say Hawkins County Schools’ child nutrition manager has been suspended three days without pay and given a permanent letter of reprimand after students were served pork, some of which dated...
While the state has no formal policy on banning foods from school cafeterias, there are safety measures in place to prevent exposure to the top eight foods that cause allergic reactions.
Knox County Schools officials held a meeting to ease parents’ minds about food safety and preparation following an incident in which students were served old pork, some of which dated back to 2009.
These universities are taking advantage of the option to establish their own health and safety departments.
UCSD Medical Center has been dealing with a cockroach infestation for the past year. Here’s how they think they solved the issue.
Hot meals are finally returning to a Chicago School after a rodent and roach infestation was found in the kitchen and lunchroom. Students had been heating cold lunches at their desk for the past two...
Local officials said they were outraged to hear students in one Tennessee district were served roast pork that might have been frozen for as long as six years.