food safety

The changeover will be completed by next month, according to the school.
University of Montana’s executive chef says flexibility is key when storing local produce for winter.
honey bees
The National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators aims to reduce honey bee colony losses during winter to no more than 15%.
Two Michigan representatives have introduced legislation that would require prison kitchens be inspected by the local county health department, after continued issues with Aramark, who operates the...
A California healthcare workers union member allegedly found maggots in a patient’s mouth, as well as in the cafeteria at Riverside County Hospital.
Directors of a Frederick, Maryland, summer camp want to help children with severe allergies to have some fun with food for a change.
Six percent of children and 3 percent of adults now suffer from food allergies, with the main culprits being gluten, milk, eggs, fish, nuts and soy.
The most common mistake is serving a meal that triggers a patient’s food allergy.
One parent believes her son’s school system should have notified parents of metal being found in a chicken patty, the same way the system would send out an update when children have lice.
The White House has requested federal agencies begin purchasing meat produced with “responsible antibiotic use,” with changes at federal cafeterias taking place over the next five years.