The increase is the school district’s first in six years.
The starting pay rate will increase by $2 an hour.
Foodservice staff crafted a petition 1,200 signatures deep and has plans to picket.
The new program bundles menus, recipes, purchasing and inventory to maximize operators’ time.
Puerto Rico was among the biggest winners of the adjustments; however, some aspects of the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs also will receive increased funding.
Foodservice operations’ blueprints for coping—and the rules' expected effects—vary greatly, recent research says...
College and university foodservice operators are facing down a number of shifting factors, from growing interest in local sourcing to a rise in the minimum wage.
A Massachusetts district hopes its new committee will address parents’ foodservice complaints.
The presumptive presidential nominee says K-12 foodservice workers deserve a raise.
The new prices aren't worth it, the parents say...


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