A lawsuit was filed yesterday by 21 attorneys general to block adoption on Dec. 1.
A fee was levied to avoid making lunches more expensive across the board.
The new hours will allow athletes ample time to eat a full breakfast after practice.
A new study verifies that there's no shortage of confidence in commercial kitchens...
mom baby restaurant
Here's how parents prefer to get the lowdown on school foodservice...
Puerto Rico was among the biggest winners of the adjustments; however, some aspects of the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs also will receive increased funding.
empty school cafeteria
Here are a few of the sticky wickets that will greet K-12 FSDs on the first day of school.
umass amherst food
The high quality of food served on the UMass campus means students aren’t visiting neighborhood eateries as frequently as those businesses might like.
anderson high school food truck
A foodservice director shares how she fosters a different perception of school breakfasts and lunches by selling cafeteria-prepared food out of what's seen as an independent mobile venue...
Enforcement of a measure requiring employers to disclose conversations with labor consultants during unionization drives has been blocked temporarily until a pending lawsuit is decided.